This site so far


So, after a while, I’m back at “developing” this website. The dummy blog posts are now removed. These are my current thoughts in regards to this little project:

I’ve never developed a static website, and even less a dynamic one for that matter. I’m using Jekyll for the blog part, which is a great static site generator, but the other parts and aspects of Ludmarus.com are made by me. I expect to improve the design, and learn to make scripts to make the site more responsive and dynamic. This will take time.

I’ve also been thinking about the scope of this. At first I wanted to make the site in Spanish, my native language, but then I realized I spend more time on the internet using English anyway, so I should probably use that. I want to use this site as a place for my thoughts and ideas, which means that I’m making this for myself more than for anybody else. I see this as a fun challenge and a way to keep my head tidier. Everybody is welcome, of course.

Also, there’s the fact that social media isn’t the best place for being social these days, in general. If I want to talk about something, I won’t tweet it or post it on Instagram; I will just make a new entry here. Either that or maybe I will talk about it with someone in person.

In any case, if you’re reading this, thank you for your visit. I hope you like it. We have a coffee machine over there, and some magazines on that table. Please take a seat in this comfy couch, maybe take a little candy from the bowl. And when you’re done, you can leave, and I’ll hope to see you again sometime.